We're just two ordinary gals from two ordinary places building one extra-ordinary brand; WILD VIOLET.

'DON'T LET THEM TAME YOU'..this was our go-to tag line when we started the brand in 2019 when we both decided we wanted our lashes to make EVERYONE feel empowered, for society to accept that you can break the boundaries and for you to step up and make your own rules because here at WV we believed and still believe that anything goes!

We wanted everyone to feel equal and to stay true to themselves..whether you're the ultimate drag Queen doin' your thanggg or a totally passionate untrained MUA, we wanted our brand to make EVERYONE feel that there are no limits when it comes to creating the ultimate eye!

'Unleash your lashes, stay wild and express yourself' was our voice to let you all embrace whatever you believed in and run with your goals and dreams! There are no boundaries too big or dreams too wild.

So hunnies..we're all about YOU being the bad-ass Queen that you are..so go get it and remember, whoever you are or wherever you come from..DARLING..JUST F*CKING OWN IT!!

WV x